Burn your Anger Before Anger Burns You

Anger is a sign of mental weakness, and ends in repentance or remorse. If you can control anger, you will have limitless energy in your reserve.

Negative emotions like lust, pride, attachment, anger, ego, greed and jealousy are distortions of love. These distortions expose in animals also, but they have no option to go beyond them as they are bound by Nature. Equipped with the power of discrimination, human being can move from this twist to a state of pure love. Every sincere seeker wants to get rid of anger and reach a state of perfection.

Anger is a distortion of our true nature. Anger is a sign of weakness. A strong man does not get angry easily. When we focus on other’s mistake, we are bound to get angry. The cause of anger is the lack of total knowledge of what is happening inside that person. Showing anger itself is not wrong, but being unaware of our anger only hurts us. There is a place for showing anger, but when we get angry ourselves, we are shaken completely.

Are we ever happy with the decisions we have made or the words we have spoken, when we are angry? No, because we lose our total awareness. If we are completely aware and we are acting angry, that is fine. In fact, anger is an instrument. It is useful when we are able to control it. It can work wonders when we know how to use it and where to use it.

Spiritual practices help us maintain our centeredness. We lose our nature and get angry, when we are exhausted and stressed. Breathing techniques and meditation are effective in calming the mind. Meditation is letting go of anger from the past and the events of the past.

Often anger comes because we don’t accept the present moment. We look for perfection that is why we are angry at imperfections. A few days of continuous practice of meditation can change the quality of our life.

To the ignorant, anger is cheap and a smile is costly. To those of knowledge, a smile is free like sunshine, air and water and anger is expensive.

Source of Anger.

Anger is directly connected to weak points in our ego and is triggered when our ego is hurt. We also tend to become angry when people or situations fall short of our expectations. Our anger hurts us more than the other party. The emotion releases toxins in our system. It destroys our inner harmony thereby blocking us from loving unconditionally and in turn separating us from the universal consciousness.

The second doorway opens us by relinquishing worry and anxiety. Worrying separates us from universal wholeness. The adage ‘Chinta Chita samaan hai’ signifies that ‘to worry is to be laid on the pyre’; Worrying has never helped in solving problems. It also produces a fresh of harmful toxins in our system, and blocks our emotions.

Third principle of living, gratitude opens the third doorway. It implies that we count not only our present blessings but also what we trust will be provided. Such an attitude keeps all the material, emotional and spiritual doors open to us.

The fourth principle implores us to live honestly. When we are honest with ourselves it creates harmony in our lives and aligns us to our higher self. Honest living leads to the practice of truthfulness, which, according to Pantanjali, empowers our words to such an extent that they become capable of fructification at will.                                                              The affix of the word ‘today’ in each percept points to the present moment, which is the key to all spiritual awakening and enlightenment. The pursuing above principle bound to fill our life with joy and blessing.

Have you observed that whenever you are angry or sad, you feel very heavy and burdened? This is the law of gravitation.

Have you also observed that whenever you are loving, kind, inwardly free, you feel you are floating and flaying? This is the law of grace.

How To Control Anger?

  1. Be alert. Pray. Do more Japa, Chant. Keep watch your mind. Observe

                Silence daily for an hour. Forget and Forgive. Bear insult and injury.

  1. See God in all. Submit to God will. Then you can’t get angry.
  2. In the morning, mediate on the virtue of patience. Demonstrate it during   the day. Take a vow ‘I will practice endurance and kshama, forgiveness during   the day’
  1. Speak sweetly, Speak little.
  2. Devolve patience to a considerable extent. People lose their temper when they  become impatient. Allow the mind to dwell constantly on the opposite of anger the virtue of patience.
  3. Again observe silence for two hours daily. Occasionally, observe silence whole day, see the difference.
  1. If you look unto the defects of anger and the benefits of patience, you will never become angry.

Develop will to Control Anger—-  Neither Expression NOR Suppression of Anger IS Recommended for these Don’t help you Overcome Anger. The Way that of Forgiveness, Patience and Forbearance (= Self-control, patient) works better. FORGIVE And Be Free.



Forgive & Forget

Imagine yourself to be like a tree. The tree does not judge anyone; its nature is to give and it continues to do what is supposed to do. Even someone hurts the tree after enjoying the shadow it offers and its flowers and fruits, it remains indifferent. It’s satisfaction lies in the fact that it has accomplished its assignments. It does not matter even if an undeserving person has taken full advantage and at the end hurt it. What matters is maintaining the right state of mind with equanimity (=calmness, evenness of temper.)

The best way to avoid frustration is to forget completely, if you ever did any good to others: forgetfulness in certain contexts can indeed be bliss. However, we must remember always that we took from others and try to reciprocate in whatever way we can. This is a practical way of developing selfless love, and avoiding ego. Ego is so dangerous that it seeks every opportunity to emerge. To feel’ I am polite’ is in itself egoistic.

Everyday people face negative experiences, whether of greater or lesser nature, they generally like to dwell on those negative experiences which results in causing a negative effect. The said unpleasant experiences become part of their active memory therefore; it is prudent to forget this kind of bad events. What happened may be beyond their control which might be within their hands to forget thereby preventing it from turning out to be part of their memory.

Memory is an integral part of our mind. There is no escape from memory. The only option is to try not to make memory a part of our conscious mind but relegate it to the unconscious mind which serves this very purpose by forgetting. Memory cannot be erased out from our mind but can make it ineffective by parking it in the memory archives.

Ego means our point of view is more important than that of others, more important than even truth. So we are trapped within our point of view. Not only are we arrogant about our point of view, we believe in our infallibility. Arrogance and stubbornness create stress.

When self-interest or ego prevails in our mind, we begin to compete with everyone for everything, no matter what the cost. We do not see beyond our self-gratification. We have to be patient. Impatience is a result of lack of trust. We trust our ego but not the miracle of life.

A realized person doesn’t brood over the past; neither does he take failures to heart. He acts and leaves the outcome to God. He accepts the result with calmness and total submission.

A wise person moves everywhere with love and affection. He accepts all. Sometimes people behave nicely, sometimes they do not. This neither elates (=happy) nor depress the wise person. Such a man of wisdom lives with his sense under control, free from personal likes and dislikes, and therefore enjoys every object, place, situation and person.

There are few things which cannot be done by effort. Love is one of those things, sleep is another. You cannot do anything to bring sleep. You can simply wait- it comes. If you do anything, you will disturb. The very effort will become a hindrance.

There is a certain law; hypnotists call it “the law of the reverse effect”. If you make too much effort to bring sleep, the total result will be that sleep will become impossible, just the opposite will be the result.

So if one wants to fall into sleep, one need not do anything. One should simply wait. In that waiting, in that realization, something out of your own unconscious starts happening, it starts spreading into your conscious, that is what sleep is.

The same is true about love. Sleep comes from your unconscious and love comes from your super conscious.

    The Greatness of the Hunan Being is an Intellectual Honesty.


Live a Better Life Not a Bitter Life

Action is the insignia (=a badge or symbol showing person’s rank, position, etc.) of life. The law

Of life proclaims that none can remain without performing activity.

Everyone is made to act according to one’s own inner temperament. If you choose to remain idle, you lead yourself to destruction.

If you are born to a life of hardship, it will activate you and this will give you incentive to work. On the other hand, if you are born into a life of comfort, it will kill your motivation. Certainly, self motivation is of far greater value than external support.

Going through a troubled phase is hard for us. It is not unusual to blame ourselves and our actions for current state. Irrespective of its cause, we should think as to how we embrace this suffering and grow stronger from it.

It is not what happens to us but how we respond to suffering that matters. Such situations present us with an opportunity to grow. We should let go of the past and enjoy the present. Prayer is helpful in this suffering.

Suffering is not always a misfortunate. It often helps us to grow. In the depth of sorrow, we receive light. Suffering is not punishment but the price of fellowship.

Human beings need difficulties in life because they are necessary to enjoy the success.

Look at Nature. Observe the Stagnant pool (=a small area of still Emotionless} water) and running brook (=a small stream) where water stagnates it turns filthy and dirty, whereas running water is clean and pure.

If you are to succeed in life, if you wish to be prosperous and peaceful, you must adopt the principle of running waters. Follow their line of action.

Ups and downs are a part of life, depends on how you take it. You can either be knocked down by the negative things, or you can take it in a positive way and learn from it.

When you achieve something by dint of hard work, it gives you precious thing, and that is confidence. Hard work is always accompanied by confidence. And confidence leads to peace of mind. Nothing is better than peace of mind.

By hard work you can earn money, but through money, you cannot achieve hard work. The best formula of life is: “Do not try to obtain favours, but relay on your own efforts”.

Rose is a flower that smells for hour. Friendship is a power that lives forever. A rose may smell as sweet even if it is called by any other name, but that does not detract from the importance of a name, or of its spelling.

People not only take offence at being addressed by a wrong name, but are also very particular about how it is spelt.

Success without failures is as tasteless as egg without salt. Confidence guarantees success, diffident spells failure. Self-trust is the first secret of success. I enjoy my success in toil. Life’s greatest asset is faith.

Man without ambition is like a “rudderless ship on the sea”.

Many people are in perpetual fear of being insulted. Insult is far better than the fear of insult. Death is preferable to the fear of death. Criticism is better than the fear of criticism. Fear fans the fire of distressing (=painful) thoughts, it diminishing our energy. So live life free of fear, worry and stress.


Concept Of Happiness

The Happiness quotient.

  1. Face Reality as it is, not as it was or as you like it to be.
  2. Be candid with everyone. Being truthful can work in your advantage when you are least expect?
  3. Do not manage—Lead.
  4. If you do not have a competitive advantage, do not compete.
  5. Control your own destiny or someone else will.
  6. Smile whenever you can, it’s the best way to spread positivity.
  7. Pay no attention to rumors. 

 Concept of Happiness.

The secret of being happy is to recollect happy incidents. If we do not attempt being happy, nothing in this world will make us happy. We will go on complaining about this and that. It is up to us to decide whether we want to live the rest of our life smiling or gambling.

One, who leans on other for being happy, should stop dreaming of happiness. On the other hands, if a man understands that happiness comes from within, he can enjoy happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. In order to be happy, we need to train our minds.

Those who think that having money or a handsome car is ultimate happiness are absolutely wrong. Material things have their own place and need but when it comes to happiness, it has to be holistic aura that touches our soul.

Daily, we come face to face with joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, success and failure, acceptance and rejection, birth and death, yet, we try to be cheerful hoping that something good is going to happen which will make life more meaningful, ushering in happiness and peace. Even though nothing is assured, we go on with life, taking this assurance for granted.

Some time we tend to think, “what if something goes wrong”? When this negative thought occurs, based on assumptions and presumptions, we need to find ways to insure ourselves against each and everything, including our very life.

One has to live a life of discipline with regular spiritual practice and study of scriptures and meditation. These seem difficult but result in happiness.

We are unhappy in life because we are victim of our expectations. “How can we live without expectation?The question is “Have expectations made our life easier or more difficult?” We suffer on account of expectations. We do not trust our intelligence, but trust our expectations. Have expectations, but let not our happiness depend on them.

Happiness is not a sale able product; nor is it available in the market either. It is achieved through intelligent approach, integrity and hard work without any prejudice. No one can attain it by fraudulent way or doing unselfish and unacceptable act.

Everybody has their own definition of happiness depending on their outlook. Happiness is a state of mind and when we feel comfortable in our existence, happiness results. The true feeling of happiness comes when we are not attached to anything including a person or idea. Detachment helps in reducing the formation of negative feeling. The concept of detachment leading to happiness is also described in Spiritual domain.

Most attachments happen because of desire to possess either an object or idea. Possession gives us a sense of security. A powerful brain is able to resolve every issue and thus reduces the desire for possession. Desire for possession also comes from fear.

Some believe that money provides happiness. That may be true since money allows us to take care of mundane things so that the mind is not distracted and is able to focus fully on higher goals in life. Money should not be looked at as means to an end and not an end itself. There should not be any attachment to money.

Absence of pain also leads to happiness. Recent researches have shown that the centers for pain are located at the place where the seat of ego exists. Thus, pain management is controlled by the ego so it is necessary to focus for its alleviation.

Since happiness is perceived by the brain, by making our brain powerful through Yoga and meditation,, we could resolve conflicts and live a happy and emotionally satisfying life.

     Quality of Happiness. 

The very concept of “haven and hell” in religion indicates that man aspires for happiness’ and dislikes misery. All human activity is directed towards attaining happiness. Lord Mahavir asserted, “Do that which gives happiness to your soul”

The Saints are always extremely happy; hence they never lose their temper. Only an unhappy mind becomes angry, a happy mind never. A happy mind develops better concentration in its work and has a better judgement. Be happy and avoid unhappiness. However, the happiness must be pure, permanent and free from self-delusion

  Happiness Fundamentals

Happiness and sorrow do not drop from the sky. One’s thoughts are the cause of happiness and sorrow. Even if one is in a happy state, and a sad thought enters one mind, suddenly feel unhappy.

There are following some Pairs of Opposites items that affect the body are:

  1. Pleasure and Pain, 02.Honour and Insult, 03.Joy and Sorrow, 04.Success and Failure.

They will come and go in greater or lesser degree so long as the body exists. There is no object that brings pleasure or pain. They are creations of our mind, thoughts and feelings. Always be happy and cheerful.

Weekend Workout

Well if you are someone who intends to go for a morning walk or hit  the gym on week days but are never able to follow the routine then you are in the majority. Generally our weekdays are so packed with activities that it becomes very difficult to include may be even a half an hour exercise routine in a day. And in case we are successful in taking out the time it means sacrificing on your sleep or some other work. In that case may be weekend workout is the way out. Generally it is the opposite that we try to do, we try to fill our weekdays with exercise and rest on weekends. In this case what happens is mostly we miss on our exercise routine on weekdays and as we are exhausted with our office work , we  try to rest on weekends. So eventually there is not much exercise time we get in a week. In that case may be weekends are the days where we can try and be ultra-active may be play a sport, hit the Gym or go for a swimming class. Also these days we should consciously try and be active like substituting a drive to nearby super market with a walk as time will not be a constraint on these weekends. This may not be a substitute for exercising five days a week but for an average person who is looking for a regular thirty minutes exercise this may be the way out which will keep us abreast with our workout routine and give us some satisfaction.


It’s our life and we should carefully decide how to spend it. We generally talk about two aspects of life personal & professional . But I will dwell here upon a third aspect that is “ my life “which is a part of personal life. Let’s break it down , in a week  we have 168 hour. In this 168 hours let us subtract 100 hours for sleep & other daily activities. We are left with 68 hours , out of this let us say we devote 50 hours for professional life .We are left out with only 18 hours for our personal life. Out of this 18 hours we should give at least two to four hours in a week for the category called “my life”. In this time we should indulge ourselves in activities which pleases us and gives us happiness. It can be anything that we always wanted to do like to play football, learn to play a  Guitar, learn salsa etc. These things we hesitate to  do because of either inertia or don’t know how to start.Well times have changed and now we can find lots of information on the net about people who are pursuing their hobbies on weekends. We just need to get up and take the first step. Setting aside this time in week for these activities will rejuvenate us and give us immense happiness.

So let’s get up and “LIVE OUR LIFE”.


The main reason of people feeling bored is lack of work. But I find some people always complain of getting bored because they have nothing to do. I also had the same feeling of boredom for long periods of time and always complained of lack of work. I always used to be amused with people who always seemed busy and wandered how lucky they are to have   work to do. But gradually I realized that I had a habit of procrastinating things and didn’t do things till I had no choice but to do it.Whereas I found out that people who are busy don’t put off things to do later but try and finish it as early as they can. They also are in look out for new things to do. They try and take initiative in all things and get the work done. Also guess what I also found out that  generally people who stay busy are much more happier and also sleep better than the former.So the choice is ours if we want to stay happy lets  go out and find out new things to do . I have already chosen to be busy and writing blogs is just one part of it.