The most important thing in life is positivity . It comes before everything . There is lots of positivity in this world. I think this world is about 80% positive. But still we concentrate only on negatives.This is because most of us are more attracted towards negatives. We like to listen to dramatic news , gossip about other people or try to find negatives about everything in our life. The problem actually stems from inactivity and thus thinking too much about everything which is not worth of any attention.Our mind needs something to think it is upon us to fill it with positive thoughts or negative thoughts.

First in life we should have a goal. It may be anything from fitness to that great job to spirituality. Remember while choosing a goal it should be one which we like to do and  not one which will make other people praise  us. Generally we tend to choose profession or goals based on the false reasons.One of the main reason being our image in society. We feel once we reach there we will be very happy and everybody will love us. But actually the opposite happens. So a goal should be a journey and not a destination. A journey which you enjoy.If you want to be a top marketer ask yourself why you want that is it because you like marketing ? or because you want to enjoy the luxuries which will come on becoming a top marketer ?If your reason is second than please leave the idea of becoming a marketer , because if  you don’t like what you are doing sooner or later you will stop liking your job and start finding negatives in it and eventually you job will be a burden.So choose a goal which you like  because you like the process of reaching to that goal. I know that most of us now may be in a profession and it’s too late to change, but we should try and do something each day which we like may be one day that liking may become a profession for you. .Once you start doing things which you like, not thinking much about the result you will be come positive  from inside.

We should remember there is no such thing as darkness and darkness is only absence of light and so there is no such thing as negativity which is just lack of faith and patience in yourself and God. So get up go out talk to people about ideas not about other people. Listen to their stories  definitely you will find motivation and inspiration to change your life in a positive way.

Author: mypositive9

Hi I am a retired accounts officer who likes to write about everything.

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