Relationship Status

Relationship status in the modern era signifies are you married or single. But here what I mean by relationship status is our relationship with ourselves and with others whom we meet in our day-to-day life other than our personal relations.

First I will touch about our relationship with ourselves which is the most important thing. We should always hold ourselves in high esteem and have faith in ourselves.We should not think much about what the world thinks about us, because it doesn’t matter a bit.Remember even the best of the best people of their field have critics and you will find many people in this world who will talk negative about even the holiest people who have graced the earth with their presence.So people will always have opinion but it is upon us to see what kind of relation we have with ourselves. It should always be one of love and faith. Once we start loving ourselves  we will feel and understand the potential we have to change our lives in a positive way. Always we should try to be in company of positive people , and avoid negativity as far as possible.

Next step is our relationship with other people we meet in our day-to-day life. It may be your grocery shop owner your friends & colleagues and boss in the office. Every one who meets us in our daily life we should try to greet them with a smile and be cheerful. We should take some time to know  a little bit about their lives and see if we can help in some way to make their life better. It can be a smile or just a little positive conversation it may not matter to you but for the other person it may make him feel better or cheerful  or visa versa. Also we  may be having a tough boss or a colleague who is hard to work with but we should try and understand his problem and may be his or her  behaviour will change towards us in a positive way. I understand some relationships may be inseparable but here I am talking about those relationship  which are not in the above category and in which most of us find ourselves.

So let’s build a positive and healthy relationship with ourselves and then with other people whom we meet.

Author: mypositive9

Hi I am a retired accounts officer who likes to write about everything.

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