Goal & It’s importance in Life

Goal is a very important part of every bodies  life.Goal give us the motivation each day to get up and work hard to strive for that extra mile. A goal can be anything it may be getting fit or may be getting that job or setting up a new business. In life when we don’t have a definite goal we just wonder through life without energy and strength. So if we are being negative in life we should ask ourselves if we have a definite target in life.

After we know that we need to have a target in life we should set out to choose our goal. A target should be chosen based on our passion and what we really want to do in life. It should be backed up by conviction and a real urge to achieve the goal. Generally we decide on goals based on what our peers are doing but deep inside may be we want to do something else. So we should ask questions such as why we want to go for this goal? What is our plan to achieve this goal ? etc before choosing a goal.

After choosing a goal which we really want to do we will automatically find energy and vigor to get up each day and work towards the goal.It is also very important to break down the goals into small goals and try to accomplish these small tasks.As we go on successfully achieving  these small tasks we will be motivated and strive  harder in achieving  our goal. Slowly we will  find purpose in our life and will be motivated to lead our life in a positive manner. Then our thought process also changes as  we work constructively towards our task.As we travel on this path we slowly start enjoying the journey and eventually this improves the quality of our work and finally achieve our goal.

Author: mypositive9

Hi I am a retired accounts officer who likes to write about everything.

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