Self Confidence

Self confidence or belief in oneself is the most important quality one must possess to grow in life.We can achieve whatever we want in life only if we believe in ourselves and our abilities. Even before believing in God one must learn to believe in himself. This is the very essence of life that should be taught to every individual from childhood. So that it gets soaked in our mind like a rock  that is unflappable. Children should be taught to approach every work with a faith that ” I can do it” . Also for adults who were not fortunate enough to have a conducive environment where confidence thrived or were bullied in their child hood or were over pampered they should also work gradually in building their confidence.

To build self-confidence we should always do things each day which we haven’t done earlier. It may be small things like waking up early and doing yoga or wishing people good luck or going to gym. When we start new things each day slowly our confidence will grow stronger and stronger and we will be able to achieve much bigger things in life. Also for this goal is very important ,first if we choose a positive goal and then work towards it everyday little by little then surely with every small achievement we will gain confidence.

We should first of all love ourselves as God has made us . We should not think about what others are thinking about us  as it doesn’t lead us any where. We should focus on our strength and sharpen our skills .Just remember no one is perfect everybody has defects some people show some don’t show. We should do every work that we take up with strength and vigor and with a positive attitude that we will accomplish the job. Also there is a common mistake that we do is share our insecurities or lack of confidence with someone expecting them to motivate us. But that is just seeking sympathy and will get us no where. Remember we have immense strength inside us only if we believe in ourselves  and go ahead with a never give up attitude, we will be surprised to find out the potential we have in ourselves.

So before believing anything believe in yourself .


Author: mypositive9

Hi I am a retired accounts officer who likes to write about everything.

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