The main reason of people feeling bored is lack of work. But I find some people always complain of getting bored because they have nothing to do. I also had the same feeling of boredom for long periods of time and always complained of lack of work. I always used to be amused with people who always seemed busy and wandered how lucky they are to have   work to do. But gradually I realized that I had a habit of procrastinating things and didn’t do things till I had no choice but to do it.Whereas I found out that people who are busy don’t put off things to do later but try and finish it as early as they can. They also are in look out for new things to do. They try and take initiative in all things and get the work done. Also guess what I also found out that  generally people who stay busy are much more happier and also sleep better than the former.So the choice is ours if we want to stay happy lets  go out and find out new things to do . I have already chosen to be busy and writing blogs is just one part of it.

Author: mypositive9

Hi I am a retired accounts officer who likes to write about everything.

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