It’s our life and we should carefully decide how to spend it. We generally talk about two aspects of life personal & professional . But I will dwell here upon a third aspect that is “ my life “which is a part of personal life. Let’s break it down , in a week  we have 168 hour. In this 168 hours let us subtract 100 hours for sleep & other daily activities. We are left with 68 hours , out of this let us say we devote 50 hours for professional life .We are left out with only 18 hours for our personal life. Out of this 18 hours we should give at least two to four hours in a week for the category called “my life”. In this time we should indulge ourselves in activities which pleases us and gives us happiness. It can be anything that we always wanted to do like to play football, learn to play a  Guitar, learn salsa etc. These things we hesitate to  do because of either inertia or don’t know how to start.Well times have changed and now we can find lots of information on the net about people who are pursuing their hobbies on weekends. We just need to get up and take the first step. Setting aside this time in week for these activities will rejuvenate us and give us immense happiness.

So let’s get up and “LIVE OUR LIFE”.

Author: mypositive9

Hi I am a retired accounts officer who likes to write about everything.

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