Weekend Workout

Well if you are someone who intends to go for a morning walk or hit  the gym on week days but are never able to follow the routine then you are in the majority. Generally our weekdays are so packed with activities that it becomes very difficult to include may be even a half an hour exercise routine in a day. And in case we are successful in taking out the time it means sacrificing on your sleep or some other work. In that case may be weekend workout is the way out. Generally it is the opposite that we try to do, we try to fill our weekdays with exercise and rest on weekends. In this case what happens is mostly we miss on our exercise routine on weekdays and as we are exhausted with our office work , we  try to rest on weekends. So eventually there is not much exercise time we get in a week. In that case may be weekends are the days where we can try and be ultra-active may be play a sport, hit the Gym or go for a swimming class. Also these days we should consciously try and be active like substituting a drive to nearby super market with a walk as time will not be a constraint on these weekends. This may not be a substitute for exercising five days a week but for an average person who is looking for a regular thirty minutes exercise this may be the way out which will keep us abreast with our workout routine and give us some satisfaction.

Author: mypositive9

Hi I am a retired accounts officer who likes to write about everything.

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