Concept Of Happiness

The Happiness quotient.

  1. Face Reality as it is, not as it was or as you like it to be.
  2. Be candid with everyone. Being truthful can work in your advantage when you are least expect?
  3. Do not manage—Lead.
  4. If you do not have a competitive advantage, do not compete.
  5. Control your own destiny or someone else will.
  6. Smile whenever you can, it’s the best way to spread positivity.
  7. Pay no attention to rumors. 

 Concept of Happiness.

The secret of being happy is to recollect happy incidents. If we do not attempt being happy, nothing in this world will make us happy. We will go on complaining about this and that. It is up to us to decide whether we want to live the rest of our life smiling or gambling.

One, who leans on other for being happy, should stop dreaming of happiness. On the other hands, if a man understands that happiness comes from within, he can enjoy happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. In order to be happy, we need to train our minds.

Those who think that having money or a handsome car is ultimate happiness are absolutely wrong. Material things have their own place and need but when it comes to happiness, it has to be holistic aura that touches our soul.

Daily, we come face to face with joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, success and failure, acceptance and rejection, birth and death, yet, we try to be cheerful hoping that something good is going to happen which will make life more meaningful, ushering in happiness and peace. Even though nothing is assured, we go on with life, taking this assurance for granted.

Some time we tend to think, “what if something goes wrong”? When this negative thought occurs, based on assumptions and presumptions, we need to find ways to insure ourselves against each and everything, including our very life.

One has to live a life of discipline with regular spiritual practice and study of scriptures and meditation. These seem difficult but result in happiness.

We are unhappy in life because we are victim of our expectations. “How can we live without expectation?The question is “Have expectations made our life easier or more difficult?” We suffer on account of expectations. We do not trust our intelligence, but trust our expectations. Have expectations, but let not our happiness depend on them.

Happiness is not a sale able product; nor is it available in the market either. It is achieved through intelligent approach, integrity and hard work without any prejudice. No one can attain it by fraudulent way or doing unselfish and unacceptable act.

Everybody has their own definition of happiness depending on their outlook. Happiness is a state of mind and when we feel comfortable in our existence, happiness results. The true feeling of happiness comes when we are not attached to anything including a person or idea. Detachment helps in reducing the formation of negative feeling. The concept of detachment leading to happiness is also described in Spiritual domain.

Most attachments happen because of desire to possess either an object or idea. Possession gives us a sense of security. A powerful brain is able to resolve every issue and thus reduces the desire for possession. Desire for possession also comes from fear.

Some believe that money provides happiness. That may be true since money allows us to take care of mundane things so that the mind is not distracted and is able to focus fully on higher goals in life. Money should not be looked at as means to an end and not an end itself. There should not be any attachment to money.

Absence of pain also leads to happiness. Recent researches have shown that the centers for pain are located at the place where the seat of ego exists. Thus, pain management is controlled by the ego so it is necessary to focus for its alleviation.

Since happiness is perceived by the brain, by making our brain powerful through Yoga and meditation,, we could resolve conflicts and live a happy and emotionally satisfying life.

     Quality of Happiness. 

The very concept of “haven and hell” in religion indicates that man aspires for happiness’ and dislikes misery. All human activity is directed towards attaining happiness. Lord Mahavir asserted, “Do that which gives happiness to your soul”

The Saints are always extremely happy; hence they never lose their temper. Only an unhappy mind becomes angry, a happy mind never. A happy mind develops better concentration in its work and has a better judgement. Be happy and avoid unhappiness. However, the happiness must be pure, permanent and free from self-delusion

  Happiness Fundamentals

Happiness and sorrow do not drop from the sky. One’s thoughts are the cause of happiness and sorrow. Even if one is in a happy state, and a sad thought enters one mind, suddenly feel unhappy.

There are following some Pairs of Opposites items that affect the body are:

  1. Pleasure and Pain, 02.Honour and Insult, 03.Joy and Sorrow, 04.Success and Failure.

They will come and go in greater or lesser degree so long as the body exists. There is no object that brings pleasure or pain. They are creations of our mind, thoughts and feelings. Always be happy and cheerful.

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