Forgive & Forget

Imagine yourself to be like a tree. The tree does not judge anyone; its nature is to give and it continues to do what is supposed to do. Even someone hurts the tree after enjoying the shadow it offers and its flowers and fruits, it remains indifferent. It’s satisfaction lies in the fact that it has accomplished its assignments. It does not matter even if an undeserving person has taken full advantage and at the end hurt it. What matters is maintaining the right state of mind with equanimity (=calmness, evenness of temper.)

The best way to avoid frustration is to forget completely, if you ever did any good to others: forgetfulness in certain contexts can indeed be bliss. However, we must remember always that we took from others and try to reciprocate in whatever way we can. This is a practical way of developing selfless love, and avoiding ego. Ego is so dangerous that it seeks every opportunity to emerge. To feel’ I am polite’ is in itself egoistic.

Everyday people face negative experiences, whether of greater or lesser nature, they generally like to dwell on those negative experiences which results in causing a negative effect. The said unpleasant experiences become part of their active memory therefore; it is prudent to forget this kind of bad events. What happened may be beyond their control which might be within their hands to forget thereby preventing it from turning out to be part of their memory.

Memory is an integral part of our mind. There is no escape from memory. The only option is to try not to make memory a part of our conscious mind but relegate it to the unconscious mind which serves this very purpose by forgetting. Memory cannot be erased out from our mind but can make it ineffective by parking it in the memory archives.

Ego means our point of view is more important than that of others, more important than even truth. So we are trapped within our point of view. Not only are we arrogant about our point of view, we believe in our infallibility. Arrogance and stubbornness create stress.

When self-interest or ego prevails in our mind, we begin to compete with everyone for everything, no matter what the cost. We do not see beyond our self-gratification. We have to be patient. Impatience is a result of lack of trust. We trust our ego but not the miracle of life.

A realized person doesn’t brood over the past; neither does he take failures to heart. He acts and leaves the outcome to God. He accepts the result with calmness and total submission.

A wise person moves everywhere with love and affection. He accepts all. Sometimes people behave nicely, sometimes they do not. This neither elates (=happy) nor depress the wise person. Such a man of wisdom lives with his sense under control, free from personal likes and dislikes, and therefore enjoys every object, place, situation and person.

There are few things which cannot be done by effort. Love is one of those things, sleep is another. You cannot do anything to bring sleep. You can simply wait- it comes. If you do anything, you will disturb. The very effort will become a hindrance.

There is a certain law; hypnotists call it “the law of the reverse effect”. If you make too much effort to bring sleep, the total result will be that sleep will become impossible, just the opposite will be the result.

So if one wants to fall into sleep, one need not do anything. One should simply wait. In that waiting, in that realization, something out of your own unconscious starts happening, it starts spreading into your conscious, that is what sleep is.

The same is true about love. Sleep comes from your unconscious and love comes from your super conscious.

    The Greatness of the Hunan Being is an Intellectual Honesty.


Author: mypositive9

Hi I am a retired accounts officer who likes to write about everything.

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