Burn your Anger Before Anger Burns You

Anger is a sign of mental weakness, and ends in repentance or remorse. If you can control anger, you will have limitless energy in your reserve.

Negative emotions like lust, pride, attachment, anger, ego, greed and jealousy are distortions of love. These distortions expose in animals also, but they have no option to go beyond them as they are bound by Nature. Equipped with the power of discrimination, human being can move from this twist to a state of pure love. Every sincere seeker wants to get rid of anger and reach a state of perfection.

Anger is a distortion of our true nature. Anger is a sign of weakness. A strong man does not get angry easily. When we focus on other’s mistake, we are bound to get angry. The cause of anger is the lack of total knowledge of what is happening inside that person. Showing anger itself is not wrong, but being unaware of our anger only hurts us. There is a place for showing anger, but when we get angry ourselves, we are shaken completely.

Are we ever happy with the decisions we have made or the words we have spoken, when we are angry? No, because we lose our total awareness. If we are completely aware and we are acting angry, that is fine. In fact, anger is an instrument. It is useful when we are able to control it. It can work wonders when we know how to use it and where to use it.

Spiritual practices help us maintain our centeredness. We lose our nature and get angry, when we are exhausted and stressed. Breathing techniques and meditation are effective in calming the mind. Meditation is letting go of anger from the past and the events of the past.

Often anger comes because we don’t accept the present moment. We look for perfection that is why we are angry at imperfections. A few days of continuous practice of meditation can change the quality of our life.

To the ignorant, anger is cheap and a smile is costly. To those of knowledge, a smile is free like sunshine, air and water and anger is expensive.

Source of Anger.

Anger is directly connected to weak points in our ego and is triggered when our ego is hurt. We also tend to become angry when people or situations fall short of our expectations. Our anger hurts us more than the other party. The emotion releases toxins in our system. It destroys our inner harmony thereby blocking us from loving unconditionally and in turn separating us from the universal consciousness.

The second doorway opens us by relinquishing worry and anxiety. Worrying separates us from universal wholeness. The adage ‘Chinta Chita samaan hai’ signifies that ‘to worry is to be laid on the pyre’; Worrying has never helped in solving problems. It also produces a fresh of harmful toxins in our system, and blocks our emotions.

Third principle of living, gratitude opens the third doorway. It implies that we count not only our present blessings but also what we trust will be provided. Such an attitude keeps all the material, emotional and spiritual doors open to us.

The fourth principle implores us to live honestly. When we are honest with ourselves it creates harmony in our lives and aligns us to our higher self. Honest living leads to the practice of truthfulness, which, according to Pantanjali, empowers our words to such an extent that they become capable of fructification at will.                                                              The affix of the word ‘today’ in each percept points to the present moment, which is the key to all spiritual awakening and enlightenment. The pursuing above principle bound to fill our life with joy and blessing.

Have you observed that whenever you are angry or sad, you feel very heavy and burdened? This is the law of gravitation.

Have you also observed that whenever you are loving, kind, inwardly free, you feel you are floating and flaying? This is the law of grace.

How To Control Anger?

  1. Be alert. Pray. Do more Japa, Chant. Keep watch your mind. Observe

                Silence daily for an hour. Forget and Forgive. Bear insult and injury.

  1. See God in all. Submit to God will. Then you can’t get angry.
  2. In the morning, mediate on the virtue of patience. Demonstrate it during   the day. Take a vow ‘I will practice endurance and kshama, forgiveness during   the day’
  1. Speak sweetly, Speak little.
  2. Devolve patience to a considerable extent. People lose their temper when they  become impatient. Allow the mind to dwell constantly on the opposite of anger the virtue of patience.
  3. Again observe silence for two hours daily. Occasionally, observe silence whole day, see the difference.
  1. If you look unto the defects of anger and the benefits of patience, you will never become angry.

Develop will to Control Anger—-  Neither Expression NOR Suppression of Anger IS Recommended for these Don’t help you Overcome Anger. The Way that of Forgiveness, Patience and Forbearance (= Self-control, patient) works better. FORGIVE And Be Free.



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Hi I am a retired accounts officer who likes to write about everything.

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