Routine & it’s Importance.

The things you do throughout the day generally defines your life . So it is very important to get into a fixed routine. From getting up in the morning on time to exercising to going to work or spending time with family or pursuing our hobbies etc. Apart from our work for all other things either we don’t do or don’t have time or are irregular, which eventually leads us to feel sad & dejected. So it is important to fix times for each of the activities which we want to do in a day apart from work. Also after fixing the routine we need to pursue it diligently. As we go on following  a regime regularly we start feeling more confident and energized.

A city worth visiting

I am 35 and i have stayed in nine different places till now. So whenever someone asks me from where do i belong it becomes difficult to explain.Though that is a different topic altogether, growing up in different places gives you an opportunity to soak in the culture and environment of different places. Every place is different and has its own beauty. I must say that i have really cherished living  in all those place. I will talk about one of these places a little bit.

I have stayed the most in Jodhpur ( around 10 years). The most i like about Jodhpur is that it is the perfect place where you will find modernization and also serenity and peace. It is a city with a population of around Mio which was even less when we lived in 1990s.I went there recently and to see the empty roads with very few vehicles is something unthinkable in Metros.It has wide roads and is very clean or cleaner than most of the places in India(You need to see the railway station).We can find rich cultural heritage and historical tourist places like Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Palace.(Which happens to be one of the best hotels in the world) .Image result for mehrangarh fort

Mehrangarh FortImage result for Umaid Palace

         Umaid Palace

In Jodhpur you can relish spicy snacks such as Mirchi Bada  & Pyaaz ki Kachodi, to name a few which you can’t find anywhere else.Also for main course you can try gulab jamun ki sabzi , taditional thali which is a treat for people who love spicy food.

Though it is quite hot in summers still the morning breeze is just awesome and it just rejuvenate you.Rain is few and far but when it rains it is refreshing to see how people come out and enjoy the rains.Winters are very cold and it is a good time to visit for the tourists.It is also a place where you can shop for traditional dresses such as Bandhej, Mojdi etc.

At last I can say that I have really enjoyed spending most of my childhood in Jodhpur, away from the hustle bustle of metros and would advice one should visit their once in their lifetime.

Self Confidence

Self confidence or belief in oneself is the most important quality one must possess to grow in life.We can achieve whatever we want in life only if we believe in ourselves and our abilities. Even before believing in God one must learn to believe in himself. This is the very essence of life that should be taught to every individual from childhood. So that it gets soaked in our mind like a rock  that is unflappable. Children should be taught to approach every work with a faith that ” I can do it” . Also for adults who were not fortunate enough to have a conducive environment where confidence thrived or were bullied in their child hood or were over pampered they should also work gradually in building their confidence.

To build self-confidence we should always do things each day which we haven’t done earlier. It may be small things like waking up early and doing yoga or wishing people good luck or going to gym. When we start new things each day slowly our confidence will grow stronger and stronger and we will be able to achieve much bigger things in life. Also for this goal is very important ,first if we choose a positive goal and then work towards it everyday little by little then surely with every small achievement we will gain confidence.

We should first of all love ourselves as God has made us . We should not think about what others are thinking about us  as it doesn’t lead us any where. We should focus on our strength and sharpen our skills .Just remember no one is perfect everybody has defects some people show some don’t show. We should do every work that we take up with strength and vigor and with a positive attitude that we will accomplish the job. Also there is a common mistake that we do is share our insecurities or lack of confidence with someone expecting them to motivate us. But that is just seeking sympathy and will get us no where. Remember we have immense strength inside us only if we believe in ourselves  and go ahead with a never give up attitude, we will be surprised to find out the potential we have in ourselves.

So before believing anything believe in yourself .


Goal & It’s importance in Life

Goal is a very important part of every bodies  life.Goal give us the motivation each day to get up and work hard to strive for that extra mile. A goal can be anything it may be getting fit or may be getting that job or setting up a new business. In life when we don’t have a definite goal we just wonder through life without energy and strength. So if we are being negative in life we should ask ourselves if we have a definite target in life.

After we know that we need to have a target in life we should set out to choose our goal. A target should be chosen based on our passion and what we really want to do in life. It should be backed up by conviction and a real urge to achieve the goal. Generally we decide on goals based on what our peers are doing but deep inside may be we want to do something else. So we should ask questions such as why we want to go for this goal? What is our plan to achieve this goal ? etc before choosing a goal.

After choosing a goal which we really want to do we will automatically find energy and vigor to get up each day and work towards the goal.It is also very important to break down the goals into small goals and try to accomplish these small tasks.As we go on successfully achieving  these small tasks we will be motivated and strive  harder in achieving  our goal. Slowly we will  find purpose in our life and will be motivated to lead our life in a positive manner. Then our thought process also changes as  we work constructively towards our task.As we travel on this path we slowly start enjoying the journey and eventually this improves the quality of our work and finally achieve our goal.

Relationship Status

Relationship status in the modern era signifies are you married or single. But here what I mean by relationship status is our relationship with ourselves and with others whom we meet in our day-to-day life other than our personal relations.

First I will touch about our relationship with ourselves which is the most important thing. We should always hold ourselves in high esteem and have faith in ourselves.We should not think much about what the world thinks about us, because it doesn’t matter a bit.Remember even the best of the best people of their field have critics and you will find many people in this world who will talk negative about even the holiest people who have graced the earth with their presence.So people will always have opinion but it is upon us to see what kind of relation we have with ourselves. It should always be one of love and faith. Once we start loving ourselves  we will feel and understand the potential we have to change our lives in a positive way. Always we should try to be in company of positive people , and avoid negativity as far as possible.

Next step is our relationship with other people we meet in our day-to-day life. It may be your grocery shop owner your friends & colleagues and boss in the office. Every one who meets us in our daily life we should try to greet them with a smile and be cheerful. We should take some time to know  a little bit about their lives and see if we can help in some way to make their life better. It can be a smile or just a little positive conversation it may not matter to you but for the other person it may make him feel better or cheerful  or visa versa. Also we  may be having a tough boss or a colleague who is hard to work with but we should try and understand his problem and may be his or her  behaviour will change towards us in a positive way. I understand some relationships may be inseparable but here I am talking about those relationship  which are not in the above category and in which most of us find ourselves.

So let’s build a positive and healthy relationship with ourselves and then with other people whom we meet.


The most important thing in life is positivity . It comes before everything . There is lots of positivity in this world. I think this world is about 80% positive. But still we concentrate only on negatives.This is because most of us are more attracted towards negatives. We like to listen to dramatic news , gossip about other people or try to find negatives about everything in our life. The problem actually stems from inactivity and thus thinking too much about everything which is not worth of any attention.Our mind needs something to think it is upon us to fill it with positive thoughts or negative thoughts.

First in life we should have a goal. It may be anything from fitness to that great job to spirituality. Remember while choosing a goal it should be one which we like to do and  not one which will make other people praise  us. Generally we tend to choose profession or goals based on the false reasons.One of the main reason being our image in society. We feel once we reach there we will be very happy and everybody will love us. But actually the opposite happens. So a goal should be a journey and not a destination. A journey which you enjoy.If you want to be a top marketer ask yourself why you want that is it because you like marketing ? or because you want to enjoy the luxuries which will come on becoming a top marketer ?If your reason is second than please leave the idea of becoming a marketer , because if  you don’t like what you are doing sooner or later you will stop liking your job and start finding negatives in it and eventually you job will be a burden.So choose a goal which you like  because you like the process of reaching to that goal. I know that most of us now may be in a profession and it’s too late to change, but we should try and do something each day which we like may be one day that liking may become a profession for you. .Once you start doing things which you like, not thinking much about the result you will be come positive  from inside.

We should remember there is no such thing as darkness and darkness is only absence of light and so there is no such thing as negativity which is just lack of faith and patience in yourself and God. So get up go out talk to people about ideas not about other people. Listen to their stories  definitely you will find motivation and inspiration to change your life in a positive way.